Colleen Holthouse

When I first met Kindy I was very impressed by her knowledge in the local market. She seemed to have a real handle on what was going on in the market place and the past history. Do to various curves life throws our way it took me quite some time to find a home in Laguna that I wanted to call my own. Throughout the whole process Kindy kept searching for exactly what I wanted. She showed me some wonderful properties and even though I wanted them all she knew that I had very specific needs and would always be very positive about the possibility of finding the right home with the right location. Ocean front as I had come to learn is a hard market to sell. The general public does not understand how few of these properties come on the market. Kindy was so informed that it made it easy to size up the property based on past sales and make the right decision for myself and my family. It was clear to me as we were looking that other sales associates had a respect for Kindy as having qualified customers that were informed and well educated on the individual properties. The whole transaction from contract to closing was done in such a way that as a person that has purchased many properties in the past I can say without a doubt that Kindy Slagle knows how to please her buyers and sellers to complete a successful contract that will be a positive experience for years to come. Her warm smile and personality makes shopping for an estate, large or small, a pleasant and fun experience.