Jim and Eileen Fitch

Thank you for selling our house in Dana Point and kick starting us on our bucket list. Sufficient time has passed to let the chaotic details of moing fade from our memories and now all that remain are the warm pleasant recollections of your valued services and professional counsel. You met our every expectation and exceeded them. Thank you.

As with any successful business you have leveraged your skills with other talented professionals and mastered the team concept. Tina Mycka is a great member of the team. She earned our trust and respect when she represented us in the purchase of our Dana Point home in 2005. Yes, it was a different market then and she managed a whole different set of challenges. She didn’t disappoint us then and she didn’t dissapoint us now. Aside from her professional responsibilities, her family values and community involvement have earned her our lasting friendship. Thank you Tina.

You made our life easy by embracing the digital age with the electronic signature service, Docusign. What a great tool to speed transactions and eliminate all those late night signing sessions. We experienced an elevated confidence level signing documents in the privacy and comfort of our home office where the conversation between Eileena and me flowed unfettered. Your instructions and notes made the transaction perfectly clear and of course you were never farther away than the phone…or email…or text. Thank you for easy.

Your judgment has earn you our trust. Real estate transactions require constant management an sour sale was no exception. Quiet moments can be some of the scariest, just not knowing. You maintained an open channel of communication with three sets of some very difficult buyers. Digging through the details of each deal and rating each buyer’s motivation level was nothing short of fantastic. Thank you for your vigilance and judgment.

You are onor our favorite people. Not only for what you have done for us but for who you are. you shared your family with us and allowed us a glimpse of the Kindy that resides behind the professional facade even though we have never seen you without your makeup or hair done. We share your faith in God and his place in your life. You shared teh miracle of the whales at your mother-in-laws services. It was noght short of pure joy to interact with Chandra, Ashley and their families. They bring us the hope of a better tomorrow, yes, all of them including baby Bella. you are always welcome in our home and we count you among our many blessings. We look forward to toasting a Pacific sunset with a very special friend.