Krista E. Hosseinzadeh

Five corporate transfers in seven years have given me experience with realtors from all geographic areas of the country. Hands down, Kindy Slagle is the best realtor I have worked with on any real estate transaction and has become an invaluable resource to me regarding real estate information in Southern California. I have worked with Kindy from both a buyer and seller perspective and she is equally superior in these two areas.

In addition, as a senior member of a Fortune 200 company that opened a west coast office and relocated many people to the area, I have known many individuals who have been represented by Kindy. Her reputation among everyone was stellar and she was able to effectively work with individuals at all income levels and family situations. Kindy interfaced effectively with the third party relocation company toward a smooth close of escrow and reduced the stress of our staff by ensuring administrative details were always covered.

Kindy provides excellent research and has an unusual ability to zero in on properties that her clients will find worthy of their time to view. Kindy is 100% focused on the best interests of her clients vs. her own gain. There have been several times she has steered me away from properties that I loved but were not the best real estate purchases based on my objectives. In all cases, she was absolutely right.

From a listing agent perspective, Kindy puts together a robust marketing plan structured to sell the property in a manner that will meet the objectives of the seller.

Professional capabilities aside, Kindy’s personality and demeanor are perfectly suited to working with people who are making a major change in their life. She has a calming communication style which I always found so pleasant and reassuring to work with throughout the years.